Clydeen Moller

The premise of Spiritual Direction is that God is present and active in your daily life in a multitude of (usually unnoticed) ways. When you slow down, begin to reflect, and take a long, loving look at what is happening around you, you begin to become aware of the experience of the presence of God, the more you know yourself and your direction and purpose. Intimacy with God leads naturally into transformation, healing and action. These one-hour, monthly sessions are designed to companion the person seeking direction. 

Why might someone meet with a Spiritual Director?
— A desire for a deeper relationship with God; a yearning for more
— A sense of wilderness or doubt in one’s spiritual life
— A desire for someone to share the journey through a significant life transition
— A desire for discernment of God’s perspective when facing a difficult decision or situation

Clydeen’s training in SOZO:
John and Paul Sandford’s Elijah House Prayer Counseling
Francis and Judith MacNutt’s Christian Healing Ministries
Dave and Linda Olson’s Listening Prayer Counseling
Neil Anderson’s Freedom in Christ
San Diego Healing Rooms
Henry Wright’s Be In Health
Bill and Carol Dew’s Dewnamis Sozo

Clydeen’s training in Spiritual Direction:
Doug and Catherine Gregg’s Christian Formation Direction Ministries (CFDM) 

Click here to email Clydeen, or call her at (760) 815-7366.