Lifestreams Ministries empowers and strengthens leaders, so they can inspire the communities in which they serve.

Vision Statement

Lifestreams Ministries is a teaching and resource center that connects and supports Christian organizations and individuals for the Kingdom of God.

Lifestreams Ministries empowers those in leadership, by strengthening leaders, so they can inspire the communities in which they serve.



Core Values

His Presence

We desire His manifest presence in increasing measure in our lives. We long for intimacy with Him through worship, His word, sharing testimonies of His goodness, prophecy, prayer, and living life. We stand in a position to receive from Him because of His great love for us through His Son Jesus. We look to Him to be our great lover and companion.



We ask for His tangible presence to be manifest through healings, revelation, deliverance, supernatural signs and wonders and the restoration of the broken hearted. All aspects of the New Testament Church are exhibited as the Kingdom is exhibited in power. Individuals, families, and communities are connected and empowered to their true purposes and callings.


praying for women

Restoration of individuals, families and organizations are brought to their redeemed state in Christ. This is evident through empowering and equipping these entities to change the culture in which they are called, destroying the works of the enemy. Revelatory truth is an essential element of transformation, which is founded on combining the goodness of God with his written word. Each individual has unprecedented ability to impact their communities and spheres of influence through the power of the Holy Spirit.



Deep Relationships

sharing life

Our relationship with the heart of God is first and foremost. Through His goodness we are able to establish intimacy, caring and support to others, bringing them into their true identity in Christ. Each individual is worthy of honor. Relationships are nurtured in a safe environment that fosters honesty, transparency and believing the best in one another. Grace and trust are the currency received from the Father and extended to others.

Sharing Life

The natural outcome of living in a state of freedom as a son or daughter of the King is enjoying life to the fullest. Community is a place where individuals belong and contribute to the joy and well being of others. Times of refreshment, inspiration and adventure are an important component in building the family of God. As people connect, they broaden new opportunities for doing things that they love with others.

Kingdom Causes

sharing life

The extended family of God is unified beyond community, organization and church affiliations. The synergy of connecting people and organizations together combines resources to achieve goals that will bring Heaven to earth and establish the Kingdom of God in our region through acts of love and service. We will look to support and partner on short-term projects generated through our membership.

Vision Activation

Creativity, passion and divine inspiration are the foundation for the greatest callings of our lives. Our community fosters an environment that dreams with the Father and allows for the greatest possibilities through Kingdom Resources. By removing the ceiling of what an individual is able to accomplish alone, we provide an atmosphere of divine inspiration. Our community is dedicated to engage individuals through education, strategic thinking with advisors, and the ability to create a vision and mission plan that has goals and objective to achieve the desired results. “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.” Habakkuk 2:2