Kingdom Expanders

We are powerful people who are empowered by our true identity in Christ.  Living in agreement with our Original Design, we recognize our ability to shape culture simply through living out our passions and destiny.  As Kingdom Expanders, we share these character traits:

  • We live a poured-out life.

  • Have extraordinary Kingdom wealth.

  • Desire to see Kingdom culture created.

  • Replicable kings/queens DNA, character, virtue, presence of God.

  • Paul “mimic me”image of Christ.

  • Know wisdom as a person (Jesu) intimately through trials.

  • Know Jesus intimately in darkest trials.

  • Generosity released through focused resources.

  • Presence driven, presence inspired, presence responders.

  • 1st Responders 

  • Leaders of Tribes

  • Influencers of Influencers

  • Changers of cities

  • Deeply engaged in life’s purposes.

  • Culture Shapers

Celebrated Community

We make a choice for relationships that are mutually beneficial.  Our community is comprised of covenant people who desire to see God fully expressed through each other.  We have created a safe place where people are seen, encouraged, accepted, authentic, and restored to their original design.  As powerful people, we are expanded through each person’s strengths, ideas, abilities and gifting.  We take risks, love adventures and refreshed through having fun together.


Collectives that are led by dynamic leaders are formed with like-minded individuals who are sharing a singular area of passion.  These groups are as varied as their leaders and include business men and women, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, artists, apostolic, city changers, social justice, pastors, prophets, healers, counselors, worshippers, missionaries, intercessors, politicians, advocates and journalists.  The space created for the members of these groups allows them to share common needs, strategize for specific growth, strengthen individuals and provide an opportunity for deep growth.  Members express how they feel like they are “coming home” in a community of people like themselves.  Engaging in collectives has caused both deep inward growth that is expressed outwardly to benefit others. 

Training and Resource Center

The Lifestreams Training and Resource Center equips individuals, teams and organizations through programs that use methods of teaching that activate both the spirit and soul.  Workshops are interactive, requiring the attendee to engage with the material in hands-on ways.  Trainers are authorities in their own area of expertise.  The resource center is a springboard for mentor/mentee relationships.  Experimental classes are offered for those emerging leaders who desire to try pilot programs.  U.C.S.D. (United Church of San Diego) is established through classes offered through regional churches.  While geared toward the 30 – 40 person intimate classroom, we also market other churches such as The Rock, Awakening International, Venture, Beach Chapel and larger venues such as The Gardens.

Lifestreams Chapters

Women are leading others into a passionate life with Jesus through our online program.  We provide the training, curriculum, and online community to engage women in their leadership abilities.  Chapter leaders are successful in leading other women through our curriculum into meaningful relationships with each other as they learn about the heart of the Father.  Summits and accessible through the online media/video generated through the resource center and monthly Summits.

Leadership Institute

Pulling from the depth of talent found in Lifestreams, we are trained and equipped through a number of spiritual and professional disciplines.  Every member is given the opportunity to grow through the resources available that will enhance her strategic thinking, personal understanding through assessments (DISK, Enneagram, Meyers Briggs, Destiny Finders, etc.), management skills, and communication tools.  

Communication Experts

We have a strong team of women who use their voice to shape culture.  They are speakers, writers, artists, videographers, and tellers of personal story.  Our articles are submitted by writers, authors and journalists who have deep, insightful, revelatory and humorous truth.  Our training center allows many people to share the Lifestreams Platform.  We are a company of women who are extraordinary speakers and are called upon to speak nationally.


Short-Term Projects

Through member generated projects, we offer opportunities for our community to come together offering volunteer capabilities for outreach to our region.  These events are publicized on both the private and public Lifestreams Websites.

Long Term Projects

Partnering with our membership and their organizations, we have trained ministry teams in the prophetic, healing, evangelism, and personal ministry that are able to support the needs of our region.  Our focus on reformation for our city is seen through city-wide events that we co-produce.  Engaging churches, U.C.S.D. is possible through organizing training for all people of San Diego.  Each church offers training that releases their specialty:  healing, prophetic, SOZO, evangelism, missions, etc.   Our city-wide event enables us to have a focal point to train teams that will be used at conferences.



Partnering with The Mission, our members and their families have regular life-altering experiences as they travel on short-term missions projects.  Our missions teams are prepared through classes that focus on culture, healing, evangelism, and ministering to others.  Our experiences abroad have radical impact on participant’s perspectives as they see the power of connecting to others.  Social justice, here and abroad, is a natural result of these opportunities.

Website/Social Media

Our website showcases all the amazing faith-based events and opportunities offered in our city.  We encompass social justice, training, classes, culture, arts, and ministry opportunities.  Articles are submitted by thought leaders that educate, provoke and inspire.  Video and podcasts are available for our online community from Summits, Classes, and Events.  Facebook and Instagram support our leaders’ and organizations’ events.  Our website is both user friendly and visually appealing. We have an excellent and creative team of videographers, sound engineers, photographers, and website support.  Our social media team’s branding is both clear and inspiring.


Our podcasts are reaching people around the world with fascinating guests, the power of testimony and great stories.  People are introduced to the person of Jesus by understanding Him within the context of how He has met individual’s lives in a variety of unique ways.  We value the beauty of each person’s story:  how they perceive life, how they process emotions and thoughts, and how they triumph in both difficult trials and seasons of favor.  We produce material that is shaping our culture through all generations.   Our revelations are sought after on panels, as speakers, through articles, and podcasts.  People know that our words are powerfully founded on Biblical truth understood through the empowerment of Holy Spirit.