Your Ask, Your NeedsAnswered by His Love

Your Ask, Your Needs
Answered by His Love

Jesus’ Word for Lauren and Lifestreams


Make God the utmost delight and pleasure of your life,
and he will provide for you what you desire the most.  Give God the right to direct your lifeand as you trust him along the way you’ll find he pulled it off perfectly!
                                        Psalm 37:3-5

I love when God speaks to His children!  He meets us in the deepest places of our hearts, our needs, our vulnerabilities.  I had an incredible sabattical with the Father and He told me that this word was not only for me, but for all of us.  As you read this, release all burdens, all weariness, all insecurities and allow the depth of His heart for you encompass you with new hope and an increased ability to ask Him for your greatest needs and desirs!

Beautiful daughter,

I have been waiting for this moment for us to reconnect.  I have been waiting for you to come to me and realize how much you need me in every way.  It is My kindness that tenderizes you. You know My love and now you need to live in it even more.  I am more than enough for you for all that I’m calling you to do. Continue to lay your life before me and give me access into each area that I desire to touch.  See how I am doing this for you.

Watch and receive the shift in how we work together.  Watch and receive how you are going to be changed by this new and increased ask that has been in My heart to give to you.  Watch and see how good I am and the ways in which we will partner together Passionate Partnership is what we will do together this year.

I will give you the grace to move through obstacles that have stood in your way.  They are nothing to me. Remember the Song of Songs how I jump over divides to get to your heart.  Yes, this is what I do for you. Yes, this is what I speak to you.

I am for you more than you even know.  I need this time with you today to enjoy each other and to really rest in hope and help you reorient with Me.  You are needing this so deeply. I love you so. I am not asking you to do anything that I am not prepared to release My full extent of heaven to do.  You are feeling the pressure of my prophetic words to fill my purposes in your life. You are looking for what’s familiar and trying to figure this out on your own.

I have been speaking to you about your purposes, because I have had to open your mind to the truth that this is what I’ve created for us to do together.  You are needing creativity deep in your soul. It is what I’ve made you to do. You are dry and thirsty, desperate for me to reach you in a profound way. You are tired by the monotony.  I see this. All of life is monotonous without Me infusing it with My Spirit. You know that you don’t have it right now. That’s okay, I do!

I am downloading My revelations in an instant.
I am showering you with love.
It is what you need at this moment.

Lauren:  What do you want to give them this week?

I want them to know the fullness of what I paid for on the cross for their elaborate and complete freedom.  Once they can grasp the fullness of what this means, they are able to engage with Me in joy. What wouldn’t I do to see them move in deep connection and unity with Me.

Hearts need to be ignited.
Hearts need to be validated.
Hearts need to know My tender care and compassion for all that is in them.
Hearts are weary and want release from burdens.
Hearts want to come just as they are so that they can be heard and loved.

Then they will be ready to ask because they will have room to explore what they are hoping for.

I am so good to you.  I know that you needed deep rest to restore your vision, your joy, your belief in Me to do all things for you, with you, and through you.  I took the burden of writing from you, to have My love write on your heart. This is how I open space for you to know me even more.

I even create the desire to know me even deeper.  Do you love that I gave you the scripture today to be with Me in such depth?

The enemy is seeking to sift you.  To create space between us because of the amount of things that are being required of you.  This is our time to shine together. This is our time to know who you really have been created to be in Me.  Watch Me come for you. There’s a place of worship that I have for you to enjoy Me fully and completely.

I am opening up heaven for your heart to be touched and loved.  Let me embrace you now so that you are revived by the truth that I am your all in all.  Your heart to know me has been heard.

See how our time together is bringing about freedom for you?  The anointing on our intimacy will do the same for others.


Your Loving Father


Powerful friends, allow this word to sink deep into your soul, enjoying His strong ability to meet you in the way you need it most!  Happy New Year