Empowered by Testimony

Empowered by Testimony

by Lauren Hasson

She was slender and tall. I can’t begin to tell you her eye color, facial features, even what color her hair was.  Her name is unknown to me.  How can a woman I can barely remember have made such a remarkable impact on my life?  

It was her words.

A slender woman stood in front of a Sunday evening church service and changed the course of my life. “I have been healed from depression.” The rest of what she said remains as vague as her physical appearance.  “I have been healed from depression.” The words penetrated the air and the thick layer of hopelessness that surrounded me.   It was these words that I held onto.  It was these words that I repeated over and over again, along with “You are no respecter of persons.  If you did it for her, you will do it for me!”

Our testimony is the spirit of prophesy.  Our testimony defeats the enemy, inviting us in to a brand-new possibility of what Holy Spirit can accomplish for us.  Testimony is our greatest way to reconnect with the power of God, to engage in His goodness, to celebrate our victory, and to share the great news with others. When Jesus healed the ten lepers, only one leper who was a Samarian, returned to thank Him.  Interestingly, he was the one who overcame  both the shame of leprosy and being an outcast Samarian. He risked facing Jesus for both his need and his desire for intimacy in his thankfulness.  Our testimony is giving gratitude and honor due to Jesus, expressed to the world!

Our testimonies not only benefit others, but they increase our joy as well!  We’d love to hear how you were impacted by “Empowering Culture with Steve Backlund” at our Lifestreams Regional Event.  I’d love to share more of my insights, but first, it’s so exciting to hear yours.

What are your testimonies? Was there a concept that you resonated with, shifted your perspective, increased your level of belief and hope? Are you in a position where you have felt powerless until Steve said “The person in the room with the most hope has the most influence?”   Your insights, this impact on your journey might just be the voice someone else needs to hear.  

I can barely remember everything about the woman except her words.  They changed everything!