Exchanging the Familiar for the Phenomenal

Exchanging the Familiar for the Phenomenal

Unparalleled Partnership

By Lauren Hasson

Let’s just recap that important activation....

“Remove!  Your partnership gives you the authority to tell the mountains to move!  What mountain of opposition are you facing that you want Jesus to remove?  Write down what you specifically want Jesus to bulldoze. “

And bulldoze He did!  

Your relentless pursuit of greatness charged you with the desire to get rid of those mountains of opposition that have been obstructing your progress.  Enough! Out of the way!  

It’s amazing how we get used to having the mountains of opposition on our land.  Those thoughts that derail us, drain us, discourage us, defeat us.  We’re used to them being there...  the subconscious power pulling all the energy and focus we need to move forward with Him.  Why does it seem these mountains are so much louder than His voice?

Familiarity. Ugh!  We are used to living in limitations; belief systems that keep us bound to what we can accomplish on our own instead of with Him.  Familiarity is bred through relationships - often familial - and cultures that “always do things a certain way.”  They stay with what is comfortable, doable, and has no room to move outside of the box.  Have you noticed that when you make a strong move of God outside of the box, how uncomfortable it can make the people around you?  Your bold choice is showing them what’s possible for their lives if they will wake up and see what’s available to them through Christ. Your "YES" gives them permission!

The enemy has us partner with two strongholds that lull us into complacency: unbelief and fear. Interestingly, these are both connected to the same root that the familiarity with mountains of opposition comes from. 

So wake up, you living gateways, and rejoice!
    Fling wide, you ageless doors of destiny!
    Here he comes; the King of Glory is ready to come in.”

                                                            Psalm 24:9

This powerful truth calls us to wake up to what He’s saying about us.  Allow your spirit to listen to a new voice that is calling you to be phenomenal through Him.  What do you hear?  Is it bringing you to freedom, opportunity, joy, peace, and intimacy?  Is He calling you to move out of self protection into wholehearted living?  When we wake up, we become aware of what’s in our land that needs to be removed.  We are able to demolish what is familiar and false, in order to see the true high places of God.  The King of Glory is ready to come in.... to your life!  

Here is what I have found it remarkable in my own life: that every mountain of opposition that He has removed for me, becomes a place of overcoming victory.  What was meant to destroy me, becomes the place of victory for not only my life, but is a gateway for others to know His freedom. 

Let’s challenge ourselves to allow Jesus to show us every place in our lives where we are living according to familiarity and culture.  These are simple questions to challenge your thinking:

Why do I do this?”  
“What other ways are possible?”  
“Am I limiting myself to what I am able to accomplish alone?”
“Am I feeling completely alive?”
“Am I operating out of old mindsets?”
“Am I allowing brokenness in my family to become my behaviors?”

Allowing Jesus to bulldoze what doesn’t belong releases His full power to bring us into freedom.  Our land has been bought with a great price.  Let’s see what He wants to build with us on it!  Unparalleled Partnership starts with the trust that He is waking us up to something extraordinary, something phenomenal, that He has been waiting to do with us all along!