Shared Dreams Grow Great Leaders!

Shared Dreams Grow Great Leaders!

By Lauren Hasson


How do you get your latest, greatest ideas off the ground?  When I get my hands on a project, it can’t help but fuel all parts of me.  My inspiration increases my vision.  My vision expands beyond my ability to do it by myself, so I start looking for people to partner with me.  People bring in their own ideas, and the vision takes on its own significant life form that is way past my initial idea!  The experience of finishing a project with a team of people grows my confidence and excited anticipation of “What’s next?”

What if you don’t have a burning passion for a project of your own right now?

One great way to grow as a leader is to step into someone else’s dream through a short-term project. Lending your skills, your insights, your muscle and grit for a project not only connects you with new friends, it fuels your sense of signficance.  You’ll find yourself at the end of the project saying, “Wow, we really did something here.  We made a difference!”  You can also learn some new ways of organizing, inspiring, achieving through being the support team under someone else’s leadership.  “Amazing how they achieved their goals through doing this.......!”

Lifestreams DNA is to support leaders and their projects through short-term commitments.  I may not be able to partner with someone long term, but if I find myself really resonating with what they’re doing, I’d love to jump in for a specific time frame to see their dream come to life!  We are here to hear about what you’re working on and to allow our members a myriad of opportunities to participate with you!  We collectively have so many resources of talent, time, strategy, passion, that aligning ourselves in these projects will make all the difference in the world!  

When Beth Thorp shared her story of their journey of loss with their son Mitchell and how she turned this into a foundation to help other families who have children with life-threatening diseases, I was inspired, I was amazed, I was impacted at how she has turned her grief into a place of hope for others.  As a leader, I grew in hope!

I’m so honored to partner with her at the Mitchell Thorp 5K Warrior Spirit Run/Walk event on February 2nd!