On Cafes, Coincidences, and Bold Faith


On Cafes, Coincidences, and Bold Faith

By Lauren Hasson


“Lauren?”  Just finishing ordering coffee in Santa Barbara, I was surprised to hear my name called.  I turned to see a tall, athletic woman in her late twenties whom I was totally unfamiliar with.  “Yes”, I replied, with a look that couldn’t bely my unfamiliarity.  “I thought it was you by your voice.  I attended Lifestreams four years ago and have wanted to reach you ever since.  I’ve had an email in my outbox that I’ve almost sent many times, but never felt like it was the right time, and now you’re standing here in front of me!”

I was somewhat flabbergasted by this “coincidental meeting”.

Backstory.  Up in Santa Barbara with some friends, we had just hiked five miles to the top of a ridge (two more than we had been told), and found ourselves ravenous upon our return at 3 pm.  We were collectively undecided where to go.  Pulling off the side of the road, we all got on our phones to research the nearest healthy cafe, me pulling for Montecito, Theresa pulling for Downtown Santa Barbara, and the other two pulling for a clean bathroom, preferably in a cafe instead of a gas station.  Someone found Honey’s, a vegan cafe, and we were off.  Everything about this restaurant was great, except we needed real coffeeto warm us from the chill of the afternoon.  French Press was next door and looked promising.  I decided no on the coffee order, but when everyone sat down with their particularly beautiful looking coffee, I went back in to place my order. And that’s when it all began.

How many variants were in this last paragraph?  Timing. Hunger. Coffee. Location of Cafe.  Change of Order.  Every element was divinely orchestrated to put me right in front of beautiful Fong, whom I had never formerly met!

“What’s happening in your life now Fong?”  I asked.

“It all started four years ago at Lifestreams.  You talked about Heaven’s resources, and I decided to start asking really big questions of God.  One of them was to live for free in Santa Barbara.  Holy Spirit gave it to me!  I lived in a mansion for a few years with the most loving family.  We both changed each other’s lives.  Things were great and I was working for a church named Reality, when I heard the Holy Spirit say it was time to move to Oahu.”

She continued to share about big, bold choices she had made, that were all surrounded by enormous risks, giving up conventionality and comfort, and following the depth of her heart that was engulfed by the love of the Father.   

“In the Lifestreams meeting, I had a download to write a book.  I had never considered writing before, but as you were speaking, I had an encounter with God about writing a book about big, bold prayers and how they change everything.” 

“Wow!” was all I could muster.  This girl is amazing!

“Hey, I want you to meet some of my friends.”  I took Fong back to meet four prophetic dynamos, and told them how she had a huge calling on her life.  We continued with our usual, “Get out your phone, because you’re gonna want to remember this. ”Fifteen minutes later, vision and prophesy locked and loaded, the Father’s heart unleashed, we all embraced and a little teary eyed, said our goodbyes.  

Fong pulls on heaven. Wherever she goes, she is anticipating His goodness to encounter her.  Her very anticipation is irresistible to the heart of the Father, so He creates divine “coincidences” to give her even more than she could ask for.  Her bold prayers are being answered in beautiful and profound ways.  Her bold prayers are releasing heaven, not only on her life, but now, for the world. 

Let’s pray bold prayers, knowing He is supplying our answers supernaturally.
Let’s give and receive the prophetic, knowing He is speaking His heart through us.
Let’s take time to celebrate the one before us, knowing He is the master orchestrator.
Let’s thank Him, marveling at how He can make seemingly inconsequential choices as to healthy-bathroom-cafe into an anchoring moment for a young woman who is about to change the world.

Let’s enjoy Him, because He is just that good!