2018 Mexico Mission Trip Testimonials


Danielle Dotts - Going to Mexico in this mission trip was a big step of faith for us as a family. Between finances, organizing it with our two kids and just overall logistics, it felt a little overwhelming. But we felt the Lord leading us to go, and we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to minister with Lauren and all the rest of the amazing Lifestreams team. The orphanage, La Misión, was such an amazing place of refuge for all who live and visit, emanating this atmosphere of love and joy. Being able to serve alongside Lifestreams family was a priceless experience where the Lord really grew our love for one another supernaturally and provided us tons of laughter and treasured moments. 


For me, the moment I’ll most treasure was going in teams to pick up trash and evangelize to the neighboring community with my husband, daughter, Ivett and Michelle. We we’re praying and asking the Lord for direction and just for blessings over the neighborhood when we saw a little girl, about 12 years old, holding a young baby. We asked if we could pray for her and her family. She gladly accepted and we asked her to bring the rest of her family out so we could pray over them as well. After a sweet exchange, translated by Ivett, each member of the family (mom, dad and three girls) prayed to receive Jesus in their hearts. And then we were able to tell them about the orphanage down the street that also has a church they can attend. I felt so overcome by love for those people, that neighborhood and my sweet friends I was serving with and I know I was experiencing the heart of God for us. I can’t wait for our next missions adventure as a family!


 Jack Kehoe -  It was so amazing getting to join Lifestreams ministries for the RDSN trip. It was an awesome experience as a young guy getting to see such a powerful group of women ministering in the power and authority of the Lord. I really got to see a different side of His character through that. I was also profoundly impacted by the heaven mindedness of this group and I left much more aware of what it looks like to live in the kingdom 24/7. I am very grateful for this experience and am still reflecting on all the amazing things God did!


Kelly McLaughlin - Our group very quickly bonded on day one in Lauren’s garage as we set out on an adventure of a lifetime. Although we didn’t know each other after a few days we were filled with the spirit, in love with each other as Christian brothers and sisters and ready to serve the orphanage of Rancho de Sus Niños Mexico.  

This kind of miracle only happens when you open yourself up and say YES to God. You know what he’s asking you to do and you step out boldly and say yes! I will go, I will go to Mexico and I will be open to whatever you want to show me!! I will gladly serve the families and Orphans of Mexico! I will be your hands and feet and I will love anybody you put in front of me! 

It’s so hard to pull out one story from the trip. I’m happy to share with any of you over lunch or coffee but I’d like to say my favorite part was when we worshipped because it was bilingual! The songs we commonly singing in worship were translated into Spanish and  seeing over 450 people worshipping God was overwhelming. They were not  just singing!!  People were dancing, jumping, crying, voices lifted, hands raised and you could feel the love and praise in the room!!

This happened at the Orphanage and also at Bethel Las Playas in Tijuana Mexico. This kind of experience really made me see how much joy we can have if we just let go and love God with all our hearts. If we can just be vulnerable, authentic and loving. I know the Holy Spirit provided joy that I have never seen before. 

The Lifestreams ministry group was blessed beyond measure!!  You didn’t have to look far to find God‘s hand everywhere with safe travels, midnight tacos, incredible relationships, beautiful worship, and Holy Spirit encounters. 

I encourage you to look at yourself and find ways to say YES!!!  If not you then who!? Get out of your comfort zone and enjoy the ride because Jesus is waiting!! 


Michelle Harris - My experience with the Lifestreams Missions trip to Mexico went above and beyond my expectations. I approached the trip expecting to see Holy Spirit working in marvelous and miraculous ways. I was not disappointed!
One of the highlights of my trip included praying over a young man at the alter without an interpreter present and when someone did come up to interpret for me, the young man had understood everything I had been saying to him the whole time! The 3 of us were amazed! The young man interpreting for me kept asking him in Spanish as I asked a couple questions to make sure he had understood and he kept repeating in Spanish that he had understood everything I had been telling him!
I also had the wonderful experiences of Treasure Hunting, leading people to Christ in the barrio, worshipping with Jesus Culture, and playing with the children at the orphanage. Through my experiences, I had a personal revelation of my ability to step out and do missions work. My personal limitations in no way hindered my ability to show God’s love or Holy Spirit power. Mission’s work is now an open opportunity for me!


Sandy Perez - I went into the Jesus Culture Mission Experience at Rancho de Sus Niños expectant for God to show up. I was excited to see what he was going to do in others, but never actually thought about what he would do in my life. You see, I was a team leader, if I’m honest I was excited yet so nervous. Thoughts ran through my head such as, Will I be a good leader?, What if I wasn’t a good leader, etc. But God is so good, I later met my team who was a group of amazing leaders, leaders in their communities, cities, some even in other nations! Through them God was revealing to me qualities of leaders and divinely put them in my path to confirm a calling that I was considering to leave behind due to fear. That week in Mexico shifted something in my spirit, and gave me a brand new confidence to walk out the calling on my life to partner with God to lead people in whatever area he places me in.