The Girl Through the Fence

The Girl Through the Fence

Michelle Harris



There are a thousand experiences and thoughts I could share regarding my trip to the Mission, “Misiunea” in Sighisoara Romania.  First, I was pleasantly surprised by the picturesque town of turrets and cobblestone streets, which could fit into a Cinderella Story book.  I was so excited to be there to see what God was doing in this city and as an added bonus, to have my sister along with me on the trip. I knew from my previous mission’s trip to Mexico that we would be blessed with Jesus Culture’s worship and a Holy Spirit inspired message at the start and ending of each day.  Holy Spirit showed up over and over throughout each day.


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For example, one day we went treasure hunting in the Roma neighborhood on the outskirts of town. This was the poorest population in Romania, the outcasts.   Before heading in, we all prayed for clues of who to stop and pray with as we walked along. The neighborhood started off disheveled, but still looking like a neighborhood. Our interpreter from the mission, Sierra, told us the further back you go, the poorer and worse it gets.  “Lets go all the way in!” we all agreed.   So we pushed on, stopping to pray with an older woman about her health and family. 


Soon we were far back into the neighborhood and we stopped due to a clue.  An old grandmother was leaning on a fence.  She looked tired, overwhelmed, and hopeless.  The team began to talk and pray with her with Sierra’s help.  I walked along the fence praying in the Spirit.  Suddenly a dirty face peeked through the fence.  Large, dark eyes looked out at me and I saw a beautiful 7 or 8-year-old girl. I bent down and motioned to myself and said my name.  When I pointed to her she said hers.  At this point, Sierra saw her and said hello to her.  She was a student at the mission school!  I continued to motion back and forth to her as we shared our ages and a few giggles.  My heart sank as I saw her older sister, about 14 come out of their home with a baby in her arms and I was informed that the old woman was her mother, not her grandmother!  The harsh realities of their life loomed greater and greater before my eyes.  I prayed over the girl at the fence and we said our goodbyes.  



Later I was working with the children at the school.  As the classes changed, in walked in the girl from the fence!  She was clean, her hair tied back in a ponytail.  She smiled and laughed with her friends as she took her place at the table.  It was like seeing a miracle.  I had been thankful for the Mission before this, but having personal evidence in front of me of the change happening in this one little girl due to the hard work and love from the staff and the hope and touch of Holy Spirit was priceless. God is limitless in what He can do in anyone’s life.  No matter how old, how young, how poor, or how hopeless.  I want to be a part of sharing His hope and love with others, whether it is in Sighisoara, Romania, or in San Diego, California.  What an honor, what a blessing!  If you have the chance, go on a mission’s trip!  See what the Lord is doing and can do through you.