Destiny Finder

destiny finder

Take the fun & easy Spiritual Gifts Test to identify how you function best in ministry, work & relationships. 

You have a purpose. Do you understand the real reason why you’re here on planet earth? God created you to have an amazing life in relationship with Him, a life that is fulfilling and purposeful – not just to merely survive or enjoy yourself. 

It’s in your design. If you want to discover your destiny, first you need to understand your internal design, your gifts and passions and calling – the stuff at your core that makes you tick. it’s how God made you, how you are wired. When you get that, you’ll get the secret to your destiny. 

We have the key. Destiny Finder has a unique, practical and proven approach to destiny discovery. Powerful Bible-based tools and personal coaching developed from over 35 years of experience, forums, books and workshops all accelerate you into your destiny. 

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