Mama's Boots

I love gaining a glimpse into someone’s soul as they share their stories of life and the insights Father God gives them as they walk through life. Many of you may know Katrin as the beautiful brunette curly-haired girl who welcomes new members into our Lifestream’s Family.  Did you know she has also built teams for inner healing, is a strong prophetic voice, and the mother of three beautiful daughters? Tehillah is her precious two-year old who has stolen all of our hearts.    

Welcome to Katrin’s world as you read her story. 

Lauren Hasson



Mama’s Boots

By Katrin Lotze


The other morning I was in my bathroom getting ready for the day when I heard my two year old daughter Tehillah’s frustrated cries coming from my closet. Not wanting to be seen, I peeked around the corner curious as to what her cause of irritation was. There I saw her siting on the ground, both feet lost in the opening of my high heeled boots. She was staring at what looked like monstrous heels on her little legs, each boot coming up to the very top of her thighs.

I could almost see the wheels turning in her mind, intense concentration furrowed her brows. With an agitated grunt she began to lift her body up again, trying her best to balance in mama’s boots only to be met with frustration as she toppled over landing on the soft rug beneath her. This scene played out for several more minutes until the frustration of not being able to walk in my boots became heavy sobs of disappointment. Abandoning the boots with tears streaming down her round soft cheeks, she enfolded herself into my arms.

I am sure you have all been witness to similar situations in your own homes. Little feet swimming in shoes 10 times to big. As I had watched the scene unfold, I could not help chuckling to myself knowing all too well sooner than later she would own several pairs of high heeled boots in a closet of her own. You see, Tehillah already saw herself wearing those boots. She saw me wearing them and in her mind it made sense to her she should be able to wear them too. But my little girl has a bit more growing to do before she can fit into and master walking in those high heeled boots.

It struck me then as I was holding her, we are not very different. Tehillah may be trying to get into a pair of boots far too big for her tiny feet but don’t I do the same? Haven’t there been areas in my own life where I want to skip the growth part?

The part where I no longer feel the vulnerability of learning something new,

the fear of taking a risk or the smallness of small beginnings.

I can imagine God watching me and chuckling to Himself in those moments. He knows growing is part of the forming, after all He created it! My head knows this too yet my heart often wants to skip it.

While there are moments in life where we have growth spurts, it’s the small daily growth, the kind we miss because it’s just so small, so minuscule it hardly seems worth noticing, grows us the most over time.

There are small beginnings in my life God has been speaking to me about for longer than I care to admit. Yes, I have listened to some of those whispers but others have been put to the side allowing for more “important” things to take precedence. If I were to follow the thread of those shelved small beginnings, where would they lead me? Where would He lead me and do I have the courage to find out? It’s a choice really, a matter of me saying “yes” to those whispers of a small beginning, believing they will lead me to growing into those high heeled boots that I know I am supposed to wear.   


 Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin,”

                                                                                    Zechariah 4:10

“The Spirit proceeding from God unveils the gifts of his generosity.  He has graced us with understanding so that we may know what he has always had in mind for us;” 

                                                                                     2 Cor. 2:12a

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