Breaking Through

Breaking Through

Living in the supernatural and believing for the impossible

By Renee DiToro

 A few months ago in my quiet time the Lord showed me that we were going to have breakthrough into new realms and this coming Jewish new year was going to be significant. He told me that he was going to fill our vats back up after all the financial loss we’d come through and that our faith was going to rise to the next level. The one thing that stood out in this particularly intimate time with the Father was He asked me to stay in peace no matter what during the next challenge that we would face and I made a promise to Him that I would. I knew after this that a trial was around the corner but I was also curious and excited for what was on the other side.

About three years ago… our successful manufacturing company that we had for years went under. During that time we nearly lost our house to foreclosure and almost went bankrupt. We were forced to go through our kids college funds, our retirements and our savings…pretty much everything we had built. 

After a solid year of looking, God miraculously opened the door to an incredible CEO job working as a subsidiary of a very large Japanese company. My husband, Jeff invented and executed a software platform with a development team he assembled and trained himself in India. He led a teleconference call with them 3 hours a night for two years and traveled half of each month to Japan working tirelessly to meet every deadline. He was able to bring the software to market within two years. 

It was finally ready to be launched a few months ago when we got notice that they had no need for him now that the software was finished and laid him off. 

We had a solid contract in place that they weren’t planning to uphold and they wanted us to sign a non-compete that would keep Jeff from getting another job in any tech industry indefinitely or they wouldn’t give us our last paycheck. Needless to say in the last three months there was a daily battle with attorneys and no matter how bad it looked, I declared what God had told me and I kept my promise to stay in peace. I also stayed in His rest and made a choice to get excited about what was on the other side of this battle.  In the natural there was a lot at stake because we hadn’t recovered financially from loosing our business because we were waiting for the profit sharing promised from the software.

On the day of Petra (time in Jewish calendar where Esther is contending for her people) a couple of weeks ago I read about how Esther had huge breakthrough by being courageous enough to step out into her destiny.  The very next day the company miraculously decided to settle with a severance and we were finally able to fill back up our vats as God had promised. I know its just the beginning of what He has. Your Father in Heaven can and will do for you the impossible if you walk in the His daily presence and believe.