Living on the Mountain Tops

Living on the Mountain Tops

By Lauren Hasson

Looking at the tops of majestic pines, I take in the world below me.  A thick dusting of snow covers the branches, catching rays of light that makes the virgin snow sparkle.  Serene, hush, quiet.  Reverence.  Breaking into my cathedral, there is an occasional howl of wind that chills me to the core.  I brace myself, tucking my face into my parka until the blast of wind subsides.   Blowing warm air into my gloves, I vainly attempt to divert my attention to the slope rising before me.  This one looks inviting.  Soft, perfectly-formed moguls beckon me to investigate. 

Once on top of the mountain, I crank on boot buckles to the almost-bearable stage, and head over to survey my choices.  “Hmmmm, a nice warm up run, fast and groomed, leading to that valley that was calling to me.  But why is it called Razor’s Edge?”  Coaxing my legs into this adventure, I press them into the joy of slow carving turns, mixed with not-as-graceful (though at times glorious) moguls, and find myself breathing great gulps of cold mountain air burning my lungs in between.

Over and over this pattern of majesty, challenge, exertion and sheer joy mark the day of conquering a mountain.  After all these years of skiing, I find my twelve-year old heart shows up raucously laughing throughout!

There comes a point in every great ski day when you must listen to your muscles begging to be refueled.  Somehow, in that moment past no return, you rush down to the ski lodge where everything looks and smells delicious.  “Oh hamburger, chili, salad bar.... this must be gourmet!  I’ve never tasted anything quite like it!”

Passion ignites hunger!

When we’re doing things that exhilarate us, something in our senses seems to come alive.  We smell the pine, we feel the crispness of the air, our eyes are lost in the sun creating diamonds in the snow.  We push past our constraints because we must attack that hill again!  Loosing track of time, we are high on the adventure of passionate pursuit.  We will then do whatever it takes to refuel us to keep us doing what we love!

When I ski, my spirit is literally vibrating in joy with God.  Everything in me is awake, every sense is firing, and I find my spirit and soul communing with Him in the most glorious way. 

We are created for radical joy.  We are made for passionate pursuit.  Moving into what makes us come alive is one of His greatest delights.  Abundant living opens my heart, mind, body, and spirit for more of Him.  Like a skier on a great day, I am hungry for fuel. 

How do you refuel?  Is it watching the ambers and reds of the perfect sunset?  Is it hiking in new terrain?   Is it lying in bed in the morning, immersed in your thoughts and a warm cup of tea?  Allowing ourselves to be nourished awakens us to a hunger for life.  We find ourselves integrating our spirit, soul and body into His full expression of love towards us.  I become grateful and attentive to His gifts throughout the day.  I notice Him winking at me and my heart rejoices.

Even the mundane takes on a new dimension.  I think about new possibilities, create great solutions to challenges, delve into personal strength and growth as I overcome with Him.  I gain His perspective to what seemed to be a closed door.  “It’s not for you”, or “Almost, but try this door over here instead.  You’ll love where it leads!”  A nourished spirit and soul is able to see and hear what He’s doing in greater ways.  I become resilient.  I become expectant that in the midst of challenges, I can hear Him as clearly as I do at the top of the mountain.

Why?  Because He has made us for both! 

Awakening our hearts, awakens us to be hungry for more of Him!  His delight in giving us all good things, stirs in us a hunger to know Him, to enjoy Him, to cling to Him.

Let’s be so hungry in passionate pursuit of Him that we are never satisfied!  Let’s long for more of Him!  Let’s live the most awakened life imaginable, pressing each other on for more!  Let’s take the mountain and summit together, laughing at our enemies, and helping each other see what we’re made of! 

This is the life that dreams are made of!  Let’s do it together!

 [ The Bridegroom-King ] 

Who is this one? Look at her now! She arises out of her desert, clinging to her beloved. When I awakened you under the apple tree, as you were feasting upon me, I awakened your innermost being with the travail of birth as you longed for more of me.                                                      Song of Songs: 8:5