Rolling Out the Red Carpet

Rolling Out the Red Carpet

By Lauren Hasson

Awards shows are the time when the world’s eyes are on a chosen group of A-list celebrities.  “What will she be wearing?”  “Wasn’t she phenomenal in that role?”  “Who’s she with?”  Every minute detail is scrutinized as the industry looks for the winners who will shine above everyone else.

For all of creation is waiting, yearning for the time when the children of God will be revealed.                                                  Romans 8:19

Can you imagine?  We are heaven’s awards show.  They are watching, anticipating, enthralled with all that Holy Spirit is doing in us.  We are being made in His glorious image in the greatest role we will ever play, being a son or daughter of the Most High. 

My gown is heavenly.  I am perfectly cast in the role I’m chosen to play. The impact of my performance is so profound its changing lives. 

 My story comes alive through His presence.  

Last week we got a sneak preview of what’s to come.  We received the script written just for us.  Picturing Jesus adoring us with eyes of red-carpet glory, we waited on His presence and wrote the words we heard Him speaking to each one of us.

Were you surprised by what He said to you? Listening last week as you each shared your story left me in awe, as they were suited precisely to each person.  Some of His words were direct with action steps to take, others were nurturing and loving, at times He was playful and inspiring, and others He was reaching deep to the core of an issue. 

There was so much wonder in how He loved each of us as His presence came and met us precisely where we are.

His voice is waiting for us each and every day. Let’s continue hearing Him speak to us.   Boldly ask Him questions and listen to His answers, writing down the words you are hearing.  Share them with your Small Group Leader for feedback that builds confidence.  His words are always kinder and wiser than anything I could ever think of myself.  If you journal regularly, share some of the highlights with the members in your small group.   It’s amazing how a word He gives to one of us encourages us all!

Celebrating His presence opens our eyes to see how celebrated we are!  I see the winning envelope coming your way and as they open it, guess who’s name’s written inside?