God’s Truth Trumps Fact

God’s Truth Trumps Fact

By Liza Frampton

When my doctor diagnosed me with cancer for the second and then third time, I realized something must change. Fifteen years of devastating cancer complications left me in daily pain, discouragement, confusion and I always seemed to play the “what if”  game. So as I walked out of my doctor’s office, I intentionally put into action something I’d heard God talk about for many years. This deliberate act was the starting point of my life’s greatest healing.

What are you going through right now? Maybe it’s also a health scare, a divorce, losing a loved one or your job. Maybe life seems too routine or you just don’t know what you have to offer the world. You’re lonely, maybe even hopeless. At some point, we all face painful, life-shattering events which leave us feeling overwhelmed, disappointed, confused, depressed, scared.

But there’s a reality we can live in that’s stronger than these feelings. It’s a place which equips us with God’s joy, His strength, hope and peace in-the-midst of whatever circumstance we’re going through.

We are going to practice living in that reality during my Joy workshop on June 4th. Yes, I’ll briefly describe my story about God encouraging me to replace the malignant facts and thoughts of my life with His Truth, but we’ll spend most of our time together practicing His victorious process. You probably already know a lot of this, but do you habitually apply it? For example, how do you respond when you hear a thought or words which say things like, “You can’t do this,” or "You don't matter", and everything in between?

I imagine many of us relate to how I reacted to these types of lies and facts for so many years. Without even knowing I was doing it, I passively accepted them and just kept trying to do my best. But friends, we are meant for more! God’s Truth trumps facts! When we actively begin thinking and talking God’s Truth in our every-day lives, we are transformed. It’s the gist of Romans 12:2 where Jesus tells us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

Today, I am healed. Once I began believing and speaking what God says about healing I discovered sickness is NOT who I am. I no longer agree with illness, health consequences and pain. Yes, in one reality, I personally feel physical pain every day, I see devastating health consequences in my body and I hear disappointing predictions about my health but I do not ignore those facts. I focus on a higher reality. God’s Truth says I am healed. He says His joy is my strength. I am and it is despite what I see, feel and hear.

My workshop will inspire and equip us in this process.  I put the workshop together because when I first began implementing this, I wish I had had some practical help. This think and talk-on-purpose process takes perseverance and time. It’s not an over-night method which will immediately fill us with joy. But as we cement God’s Truth in our hearts, Holy Spirit begins highlighting IT before we habitually think toxic thoughts or stress out about our current facts.  

This union is higher than our discouragement, pain and confusion.

This reality places fear in the rear-view-mirror.

In this place,  God’s joy is our strength.

In His embrace, we live loved every day.

TOGETHER, we can do ALL things.

In the joy workshop. We’ll practice this dance tweaking our thoughts and words. We’ll laugh, risk, be courageous and maybe even shed a few tears. But no need to fear. This may be the starting point of YOUR life’s greatest healing.