By Lauren Hasson

Celebrating a celebration increases your joy!  What?!? Taking time to remember how great an experience you had, reliving it in your mind, and taking time to celebrate what you’ve just accomplished is a great way to elevate your mood even more.  

This year we learned that dopamine is released when you celebrate after accomplishing a goal. Taking time to stop before you jump into the next project or assignment and really enjoy it with your friends, family, sharing greatest parts of the event will literally increase your happy transmitters, enhancing the experience even more.  Serotonin is released as you mentally relive that great moment, as your brain can’t differentiate between a vivid memory or the present.  It’s enjoying it all over again!

I release the gift to take time to care for yourself in this beautiful way.  “Wow God, we did it!  I loved this. I can’t believe when I got to .......!” Celebrate yourself.  Celebrate your accomplishments.  Celebrate your team.  Celebrate the courage it took to try something new.  Celebrate hard fought victories.  Celebrate your beauty.  Celebrate your friendships.  This gift to ourselves will increase every aspect of our well being.

So much to celebrate.....

June Faire was over the top! 18 different workshops that encouraged, challenged, inspired, healed, nourished, accelerated and informed.  Ted Talks has nothing on us!  What a wealth of wisdom and expertise we received through these powerful women.   

Metaphors Speak Volumes, Karen Thrall
Freedom through Mercy, Jacqueline Hamilton
Transformation Through Surrender, Karen Hullfish with Diane Tylski
Creating an Atmosphere that Opens Heaven, Sara Hageman
Guided Quiet Time Experience, Patrice Reynolds
Eat for Health Cooking Class, Chef Chrissy Weir
Freshen Up! Build Your Brand, Loraine Dyson
Experiencing Daily Joy, Liza Frampton
How to Mobilize Your Pit Crew, Amy Stoehr
Daughters of the King, Yolanda Conti
Partnering Intercession with Action, Renee DiToro
Tea in the Garden, Maria Sainz
Unlocking the Fruit of the Spirit, Heather Sanford
Dream Interpretation, Madi Stonier


We’ve had an incredible year growing, being inspired and transformed, seeing new nations, hearing each other’s stories.  We’ll look at some of those highlights next week and keep the serotonin flowing!

You’ve been a remarkable gift to us and your friendships are what make our world matter.  Thank you for who you are, what you carry, the way you love and your generous spirit.  


Enjoy the highlights from this June Faire and your spectacular members.

Yahweh, you are my soul’s celebration. How could I ever forget the miracles of kindness you’ve done for me?

Psalm 103:2 

God said to me once and for all,
“All the strength and power you need flows from me!”
And again I heard it clearly said,
12 “All the love you need is found in me!”
And it’s true that you repay people for what they do.

Psalm 62: 11,12