Mobilizing Your PIT Crew Part 2

Mobilizing Your PIT Crew

Part 2  

By Amy Stoehr

Precious Lifestreams family, happy beginning of Summer! We are praying for you each day, according  Phil 1:3-6 in TPT.

 “My prayers for you are full of praise to God as I give Him thanks for you with great joy!  I’m so grateful for our union and enduring partnership……I pray with great faith for you, because I’m fully convinced that the One who began this glorious work in you will faithfully continue the process of maturing you and will put His finishing touches to it until the unveiling of our Lord Jesus Christ!  And it’s no wonder I pray with such confidence, since you have a permanent place in my heart!”

Last week I was excited to encourage you in mobilizing your PIT Crew. A PIT Crew is a Personal Intercessory Team partnering with you in praying the will of God over your life.  Please know that you need much united prayer as you are stepping into this next season!   Why do you need a PIT Crew? Because God does everything by prayer!  And united prayer, according to God’s Word, led by the Holy Spirit is the most powerful force there is.  The united partnership of your praying PIT Crew will bring a supply of the Spirit, great grace and wisdom beyond measure. Their surrounding prayer will release angelic help, protection, remove hindrances and open effectual doors. Through their praying, you will be strengthened and filled with His presence. You will develop in your assignment, flourishing in your relationship with the Lord and doing what He has called you to with exceptional excellence and grace. You must finish well, because of the souls attached to your life. My life, my family and ministry have been greatly impacted through the praying of those close to me.  Lauren has said recently that she felt that that the collaborative partnership of her PIT Crew was the most effective, powerful thing she has tried and experienced in her ministry to date.

 As a Christian leader, you are particularly vulnerable to spiritual resistance and challenges. We know from Ephesian 6:10 that we are in a battle, and our weapons “are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds!”  A PIT Crew provides a shield and they will pray the purposes, promises and plans of God into your life.  You need a PIT Crew if you are active in ministry, feel that you are an influencer but have not stepped into your full calling, or maybe you are going through a difficult season. A PIT Crew can be a great source of comfort, support and facilitating breakthrough! Your PIT Crew will come alongside you to help “birth” what Kingdom things you are carrying, help propel you into your next season, and pray for your family and marriage as you minister to others. You need one even if you are thriving, because everything is about Him and His presence and His Great Commission.

This upcoming season will bring challenges, and your PIT Crew will pray with you for Light, Shalom and Wisdom. The upcoming season will require the Lord’s specific leading and your ability to hear Him and walk with Him.  Your PIT Crew will pray this in! The upcoming season might include “suddenlies” or unexpected situations that need to be prayed through so that you and those around you can keep going well! In the upcoming season, you will be touching countless lives, your PIT Crew will pray for them and for you as you minister to them. In the upcoming season there will be doors the Lord wants to open, resources needed to fulfill your calling, and much power and love release from your life. In the upcoming months you will need prayer coverage over your marriage, your family, your ministry and work, as well as your fruitfulness in the Kingdom of God.

The First step is TAKE ACTION don’t delay!  Pray and write down the names of 3-10 people who already pray for you.  These could be your spouse, family member, friend, partner in ministry, the most important thing is that they have a passion for prayer and care about you. Then, contact them. (I have a sample email I can send you that can be personalized) Think about who might be your PIT Crew Captain and ask them. If you don’t have one, you will be the captain for now. You will contact these people and ask them if they would pray about being a part of a more intentional prayer group for you.  It will not require a huge commitment.

What is the Commitment you are asking of the Team?

Basically, it is choosing yes to pray for you regularly, asking the Lord to lead. Then start with this easy commitment.

1.     Participate in one monthly half hour conference prayer call. (Use or Zoom or Skype)
2.     Receive and pray in agreement with two monthly emails that will come alternating weeks. (Your PIT Crew captain will connect with you, then add scripture verses to what you have coming up, then will share with the team in prayer)
3.     Occasionally receive prayer texts by phone for immediate prayer focus needs.

Over time, the Lord will knit the hearts of the team together.  If possible, ask your team if they can commit to a year.  If that is not doable, then six months. The PIT Crew is very relational, and the power of agreement is exponential as the team prays together over time.

I am excited to help you get your PIT Crew going.  We will schedule a short workshop for PIT Crew Captains. It is not a time-consuming commitment, but an extremely rewarding one!

For more information, watch the video. Please contact me at astoehr2@gmail.comand I will send you what you need, our scripture booklets, and pray with you about your team. You are going from glory to glory, and I believe the Lord is moving you from addition to exponential multiplication as your secret prayer life and time in the Word is your priority and as your PIT Crew is mobilized! I am so looking forward to hearing about your team. Lord, teach us to pray!